The Umbrella License® for Hotels

Showing movies or TV in your hotel lobby? Does your hotel offer broadcast, cable, or satellite TV in shared spaces like a media room, fitness center, or bar? Do you offer on-site childcare?  Did you know situations like these require a public performance license? 

Copyrighted content is intended for personal, private use only. Exhibitions in shared spaces within your hotel require a license. The Umbrella License offers a simple, affordable solution to copyright compliance. 

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How Does it Work?


It’s simple. With the Umbrella License you can show unlimited movies, TV and other audiovisual content with the assurance of copyright compliance. Obtain content on your own in any legal format including, but not limited to, broadcast, cable or satellite television, DVD, Blu-ray, download, or streaming services. There is no obligation to report the titles shown. Just complete an application and you’ll be on your way.


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More Than 1,000 Rights Holders


Under the Umbrella License you will find content from every genre. MPLC provides annual copyright coverage for more than 1,000 rights holders, ranging from major Hollywood studios to children’s, independent, television, special interest, and international producers with only a few title exclusions.


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